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by Catchers

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Beauty No.3 03:28
In her sleeping years, deeply slung within a hammock made of skin She opened her caverns to the hunger of the lost and their kin They fed on her vanity until soon they both became content Men cut holes in her body but she was so confident With your eyes and sorcery, come Beauty #3, Can't you see the tragedy as your dream begins to leave As a traveller began to gore upon her she looked deep into the ground Momentary floods of thought unstyled and mystified rained down On to her pretty head and she began to feel afraid When she woke she found that her beauty had decayed And no-one goes close to her den, they wait for the moment when She is dreaming of her men, in case she accuses them She mourns the existence of time, while though she's empty all she feels is tense And so she passes her time dreaming for the strength of children With your beauty you deceived, Come simple #3, Can't you see the tragedy as you lose your only dream I loved you for yourself, never needed anything else Oh! Beauty #3 She could be anything you wanted her to be Beautiful blank, Beauty #3
Cotton Dress 03:56
Sprawled out over the windfall of this the bloated browning month Apple bruises on my thighs and the flush from your yawning smile Fasten your teeth on my soul and we shall roll and flow for ever more You in your cotton dress, you in your innocence Life screams its fury from your eyes, all jaded and alive My feet are in the water waiting for the tide to come The whisper in the corner does its best to make me numb My ear to your cage, your pulse in my hand Eyeing up the child, fingering the dead, Swallowing your flow, your teeth on my neck, Coil me full of hate and bend me out of shape Death is just down the hallway When I fall I hear him ask How many rooms have you entered? How many rooms have you passed? How much darker does it get?
Apathy 03:33
In the slowest of ways, My head thick with blood, I can just about strain to step down, The morning has nearly come But I don't want to be here where nothing clicks So I just push my head under again There are so many ways, There are so many ways, To dig your own grave And take root where you feel you're safe And waste away I'm set deep in my ways Apathy come smile on me now Come smile on me Just to shake me up sometimes I scream at nothing in particular And I will make this body bleed
I'm a country freak unlike yourself I was born in a hole much deeper than this Deep in the woods I hid myself Deep in the woods I found a path Entered into earth's domain Nature's secrets there to claim Found life as strange as my own frame Dug a hole where I'll remain Where the seasons kiss and cry upon I will wait for your simple fears to have gone Deep in my head my life goes on Deep in my head a path will form I am not what I seem, within my shape I can dream And I can breathe I'm a country freak And I'll always be alone; The poorest mix of blood and bone
Worm Out 03:26
Worm out little brother for I know you can You got bubbles in your mouth It gets so dark in here that I can't breathe Your gums are all worn down Your gums are all worn down I slept to find dirty water in my mouth where I lay, My dream hung cold against my skin In my head I was bagged and I was dead My hex had chased me down Nailed my palms into the ground Worm out Found myself all naked and alone I dug to touch my mother's bones Set in waste, I bore a hole upon my face My thumbs are all worn down My thumbs are all worn down
This a song from beneath the ground I only echo October's sound, Belly-kissed into some half-life, Standing naked to be crucified On tempered plains we speak in flames, Questions ripping against the grain Children scream at the already-framed We are too restless to shoulder the blame I don't mean to tie you down I just don't know where it's coming from This emptiness leads to craving My autumn, no-one alive could touch her wisdom Her glint was jewelled and fired in heaven's pool My precious cousin, my twin, my second skin, The only thing I ever fought to win Don't suffocate what you want to protect She'll rise for air and then you'll start her descent Far from the garden you built to impress She is the angel your friends will undress
Hollowed 05:43
Shifting 03:44
I could jump these fields in my seven-league boots Walk trails with shades and ghosts Blaze tracks in my devil's shoes Crawl invisibly across your roof. I could just about fit into every hole Where I wouldn't be seen I could melt into the trees And race their juices right out to their leaves In a dream I was transformed, Left my bones outside the door I could be furred or feathered or shelled or fleeced I could be any man or every beast, Rolling with the breeze. I could be a soothsayer, a spirit-raiser, I could take to the air, I could take to the sea, Without lungs or limbs to hold me here I'd be a keeper with every key. Everyday I'm shifting further from myself I feel the pull, I start to soar, my skin is shed Lay me down and I'll spiral through my head Everyday, I feel a little strange. Smoked a hole in my lungs and I've started to bleed Got boots and gloves made out of meat, And I can feel the water I can feel the water swill inside me.
Sleepyhead 05:20
Wake to the stomach weight and dead tongue of the night before, Friend in friend, loveless and confused, Emptying the scrotum into a blue, blue Sunday Silence eats the head Oh, I wish I could remain in our time, Time, time ensnares the mind Where are you, sleepyhead? How your light shines on Through which is born your only son I am that one, or so they say Sleepyhead, don’t ever wake Poets and lunatics rise to break beneath a kiss Chewing the bones of sleeping dreams, Chasing ghosts with buzzing heads, Heads shatter within our space Time is a painful stretch into this Where we're all crazed with thirst Are you a vulture or a victim? I do not exist at all I am the spirit of this song I breathe only when I'm sprung into this your only song
La Luna 03:39
Epitaph 04:27
Meet me in the night by riverside, Where I'll be juggling with my mind Whether to choose, whether to lose, Just me and my faithful friend We'll act on 'til the end We are learners until we drop Keep me alive Plug me in to the station, radio waves fill my room, With my ear to the ground I can feel every sound and vibration One place gleams within the seal of younger eyes In the earth of Cairndow is where I shall lie Take me to your garden, deep in your Eden, Lay me in the hollow where I was born My faithful friend, my only friend I'll always want you until the end One place gleams within the seal of younger eyes In the earth of Cairndow is where I shall lie Keep me alive


released June 21, 2019


all rights reserved



Catchers London, UK

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